Contacting us / account issues

What is WireBids?
WireBids is an online auction marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of commercial assets. User experience and customer satisfaction are top priorities. You can email us or reach us by phone Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

How do I create an account?
Click the Create an Account button in the top right corner of our website. We’ll approve your account and you’ll be ready to bid shortly.

How do I log in?
Login at the top right corner of the website. Enter the email you registered with and your password and click "Log In." Your name will display when logged in.

What if I forgot my password?
Click here to reset your password
Provide the email address you registered with and we will email you instructions to retrieve your password. If you cannot remember your email address, click here to contact us.

I’ve changed my e-mail address. How do I update my WireBids account?
Click here to contact us. Provide us with your old email address and your new one, and we’ll update your account.

Where can I view WireBids’ Terms and Conditions?
Click here or look for the link at the bottom of our website.

Viewing Auctions

How do I view auctions?
Click Auctions at the top menu to view our live auctions. Click each auction to browse.

Can I watch an auction without creating an account?
Yes. You will be able to view lots until the auction closes. To bid, please create an account.

Where can I view the terms and conditions for a specific auction?
The terms of each auction are displayed under the seller’s tab on the auction’s main page. View locations, payments, removal deadlines and other important information.

I have a question about a specific item.
You can find the seller’s contact information on auction’s main page. They will be able to answer your questions about individual lots, deadlines and inspection dates.


How do I bid?
First, you need to create an account. Your account will be approved shortly and you will be able to bid.

Open the auction you would like to bid in. You can browse for lots using the page numbers on the auction page or by using the search bar located in the menu bar. You can also pick lots directly from your “Watchlist” located next to your name in the top right corner.

When you find the correct lot page, locate the white box on the left side of the page. Enter your maximum bid and click “Place your bid.” The website will automatically bid on your behalf in increments until your maximum bid has been met. The yellow box at the top of the page will reflect if you are winning.

I clicked on the "bid" button but nothing happens!
It’s possible that the seller has removed the lots or the auction has closed. Try reloading the page. If the problem persists, please contact us.

What is a max bid?
A max bid is the maximum amount you wish to bid. This number will not be displayed to others. WireBids will competitively place bids on your behalf until you are the highest bidder or your maximum bid has been reached, whichever is lower.

I want an item now. What do I do?
WireBids does not offer items available for instant purchase.

I want to bid, but I need to know more about the item.
Contact the seller directly with specific questions about the lots or equipment. You can find the seller’s contact info on the auction’s main page.

Why am I not winning?
Another bidder may have placed a higher bid, even though your bid was higher than the current price. Try bidding a higher amount until you are the highest bidder, remembering not to bid higher than you intend to spend.

How long does an auction last?
Sellers determine the duration of their auctions. If a bid has been placed in the last few minutes of the closing time of a lot, the lot closing time automatically extends a certain number of minutes. You many find out how long the bid extension time is by checking the seller's terms and conditions.

Why didn't the auction end when advertised?
The auction will be extended several minutes if a bid has been placed in the last several minutes, determined by the seller. This is to prevent "sniping" and to provide a fair playing field to those who may not be ready to make a fast decision.

Winning and Paying

How do I know if I won?
You’ll see whether or not you've won in the "My Bids" page of your account once the auction closes. Click your name in the top right corner to view this tab.

I won. What now?
You will receive an email invoice with all payment and shipping information within 24 hours.

How do I get an item shipped?
Unless the seller offers delivery in their terms, you’ll have to arrange loading and shipping. This information can be found under the shipping tab on the auction page.

Are there any fees involved in buying?
The buyer’s premium is paid by the winner as a percentage of the winning bid in addition to the bid. You can find the buyer’s premium on the “seller terms” tab on the auction’s main page. Registering is free and you won’t owe anything unless you win.

Why didn't I win the item?
A seller may reject a bid if circumstances have changed; for instance the lot may have been damaged or the description did not adequately describe the lot. WireBids may reject bids if we find that the seller has violated our terms or the item’s description is deficient. If you think you have experienced an error, please contact us.


How do I sell with WireBids?
WireBids hosts two types of auctions:
1. Exclusive Auctions, for liquidating warehouses of assets
2. Combined Auctions, for a few lots. We can group your items with other sellers.
You can apply for a Seller’s Account here or by clicking “Sell” on the top menu bar. A seller account is an enhanced version of a bidder account. You’ll still be able to bid in other auctions. As a seller you’ll have the ability to create and edit lots. All auctions are subject to WireBids approval. By applying for a seller account, you are agreeing to additional terms.

What can I sell on WireBids?
WireBids specializes in commercial assets, such as printing and bindery equipment.

How do I set up my auction?
Setting up your auction is simple with WireBids. You can call customer service Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at 1-888-229-5733 or at can upload lots with our CSV template.

How will you advertise my auction?
We offer a prime listing on our front page, plus a featured slide in our banner. We create customized email campaigns to reach more than 8,000 WireBids users and 60,000 industry leaders. We also advertise on trade websites and auction directories.

How do I collect the payments?
Our system will generate email invoices for you. You will ultimately be responsible for collecting payments.

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